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Project flow

We love to see ideas become reality. At Spectrum, you can walk in with an idea and walk out with a solution. You know what you want – we know what we are capable of. It is our goal to forge the best possible result from this collaboration. Whether that is a completely elaborated project or simply some advice you can use to take the next step.

Start van uw project

1. Start of your project

At the start of your project, we listen to what you want to achieve, and we look at which solution is most relevant to you and to your target audience. The result of this exercise is a list of user stories which use plain language to describe precisely what each user can do as soon as the user story functionality is developed.


2. Development

Correct and feasible timing that is clear to everyone is essential for a good start to your project. We utilize the scrum project methodology which pushes clarity, communication and collaboration to the fore.

During the project, you will be able to view and validate our progress on a regular basis. You want extra features throughout the course of the project? We can quickly and conveniently calculate the impact of the change on the project timing and budget. So that you, as our client, always know where you stand.


3. Follow-up

For us, the collaboration does not end with the delivery of a nicely polished product. We are proud of what we make, and we think it is extremely important that you can easily find a pathway to the realization of your own idea. That is why we provide extensive training opportunities in understandable language so that we are certain that you get the maximum out of our realization. For us, user-friendliness and technical quality go hand-in-hand.

Above all, our goal is to ensure that you reach your goals. Whether via a completely new project, the improvement of your current website or simply by taking a closer look at what can be improved.