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Online marketing

We want to create added value, for you, as our client, and for ourselves. Online marketing means that we advise our clients in how they can achieve their online goals. On the basis of contextual and data-driven information.

In addition to traditional marketing channels, such as posters and radio ads, in the online world there are numerous channels you can use to promote your website. The advantage of online marketing is that you can reach potential customers or visitors in a more targeted fashion via channels such as online shops, search engines (SEO) or social media.

An online marketing campaign can be measured and adjusted. Figures are based on real-time data, and you can approach them from a specific context. In this way, you can measure in great detail how your campaign is performing and make improvements, where necessary.

How exactly do we improve your website?

Search engines

With SEO or search engine optimization, you ensure that users can easily find your website using search engines such as Google and others.

All of our websites benefit from deep SEO integration. Do you already have an existing website? We can optimize it for you and maximize the chance of visitors who enter via Google.

Content marketing

Consumers are continuously looking for correct information. With content marketing, we improve the existing content of your website as well as write new content, taking into account your target audience.

In this way, the right visitors find the information they are looking for, and your website is relevant.

A/B Testing

With A/B testing, we try out various versions of your website, newsletter or advertisement. Based on the results, we determine the most successful implementation.

From this, for example, we learn how to increase the sales volume of your webshop by continuously implementing changes with a positive impact on the conversion.

Online advertising

Social media marketing

Via social media marketing (SMM), we drive traffic to your website by promoting it on websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Social media platforms have access to a gold mine of information, such as their users' interests and hobbies. Through this information, we can display your advertisement in an extremely targeted manner. This gives you great value for your money.


Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising or SEA is the promotion of your website on the search results overview of search engines like Google, for example.

Depending on your company's specialties, we can choose from numerous search terms, regions and other criteria that determine when your advertisement should appear.

Display advertising

Do you want to promote your brand? Then, display advertising could be something for you. With display advertising, we will promote your website on other relevant websites.

By means of this relevance, we will determine which target audience you want to reach and set up a suitable campaign to do so within your budget.