Driving your business forward.

Spectrum helps translating your ideas into digital experiences that support your business needs.

We specialize in a range of domains, from design and development to research-based optimization of existing solutions.

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Using the right technology and methodology, we build products that quickly deliver business value and results.


With +10 years of experience in IT, we offer a wide range of expertise in many disciplines.


Our agile principles allow us to design and build features in short development cycles that ensure meaningful progress.


Quality support and service allows you to continue to grow your solutions and adapt to changes after delivery.

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Our solutions

Full-stack product development

We're a multi-disciplinary team that masters all skills to build end-to-end software products. Our cloud native approach allows to scale and serve solutions for millions of users around the globe.

Although we're always on the lookout for new technologies and frameworks, we're currently experienced in React (+ Native), Vue, Node.js, Rust and PHP (Symfony / Drupal).

Native and embedded solutions

We use low-level languages with small hardware abstractions to ensure predictable performance and reliability, resulting in the smoothest end-user experience.

Our native or embedded solutions are fast and memory efficient, allowing to target low-resource devices and to scale for speed and efficient resource usage.

Artificial intelligence integration

Whether you want to run existing ML models or integrate AI-based features in your application, we got you covered.

We have experience applying model interference and training in existing applications, both in the browser and native platforms.

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